The small company with the unusual and
beautiful art glass. All the items are
handmade and of the very best quality.
Herman Gatterer works with techniques rare
today and defends the good craftsmanship all
the way, thus enhancing the beauty of the
glass even more.
He started his professional career in
the Tyrol - Austria. Since 1978 he works in his own workshop
in the middle of the Swedish Kingdom of Glass, Boda Glasbruk.
Over the years his art glass has reached more and more people
and has become very much appreciated.
Most of the glass pieces are unique and mode one of a kind.
Other items are made in small series but never mass produced.
If you own a piece of art glass made by Herman Gatterer, you can
be sure that you are the only one or one of few owning such a
treasure. This is also one of the reasons why people enjoy his
beautiful glass.